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Ameritote and Superwave Takeout Bags

A look at two of our plastic take out bags - Ameritote and Superwave. We cover the benefits and differences of these types of plastic bags.


  • If you haven't guessed it, here at, one of our specialties is takeout bags.
  • I know, surprising right?
  • Today however, we're going to cover two types of our takeout bags.
  • The Superwave bag and the Ameritote bag.
  • The Superwave bag has a die cut handle with a distinct wave top to it, while the Ameritote features two securely fastened plastic handles.
  • There are a few key features that set these bags apart.
  • To begin, these bags are thick, okay.
  • Double the thickness of the regular t-shirt bags offered by most restaurants.
  • This allows them to hold more weight and not tear easily.
  • A second key feature is what's called a bottom gusset.
  • A gusset is just a fancy word for extra material that's inserted into a seam to add width or depth to a bag.
  • Usually gussets are on the sides of a bag to allow them to open more fully.
  • However, the Superwave and the Ameritote bag, they put the gusset on the bottom of the bag to provide a flat surface for takeout containers to sit on.
  • This helps to keep containers from tipping for spilling when being carried.
  • Due to the unique nature of the bag, it's not uncommon to get confused by the sizing of them.
  • For example, take a look at the 15 x 14 x 5 inch bag.
  • That sounds pretty huge right? 15 inches and 14 inches?
  • But here's the thing, since the gusset is on the bottom of the bag, and the sides are what's called 'pinched', the inner space, it's going to contract inward as you open the bag.
  • In this case, changing the dimensions to 10 by 5 inches, which is drastically different than 15 inches.
  • The listed measurement you see is how the bag measures when flat, but it changes shape and the sides pull in as you put items in the bag and pick it up.
  • Another example might be the 21 x 18 x 10. With this size, its opening is 11 x 10 inches, so it would be a great bag to hold items that are 10 x 10 or even smaller.
  • Aside from the Enjoy print, we also stock these same bags in plain white.
  • And on top of that of course, we can also custom print these bags with your logo in quantities starting as low as 1,000 bags.
  • As always though, if you any further questions, don't be shy, don't hesitate go ahead, pick up the phone, call us as 888-321-2248.
  • Until next time, from all of here at MrTakeoutBags, thanks for watching, talk soon.