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Cutlery Kits

Create convenience for your customers, catered events, and business employees with these four great options for plastic cutlery kits. Our Reflections Extra-Heavy Weight Luxury kits are ideal for all your upscale events with their silver-look appeal. Or try something with good quality but more economical with our Black Poly-Wrapped Disposable Cutlery kits. No matter your catering or dining needs, our disposable cutlery kits are sure to please!
  • Reflections LUX Cutlery Kits can include: Reflections Fork, Knife, Spoon, salt, pepper, and a high end linen-like napkin
  • Heavy-weight Cutlery kits are ideal for cafeteria and catering needs
  • Disposable Utensils are ideal for boxed lunches, catering, and meals on-the-go
  • Kit sizes: 6-7"