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These heavy-duty corrugated clamshell paper boxes are an economical, yet attractive way to serve foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and burritos. With their grease-resistant and insulated features, you are able to preserve your food temperature and appearance. These boxes are also FDA approved and are available in numerous types including paperboard, corrugated paperboard, and our NEW compostable Sugar Cane fiber corrugated boxes.

  • Clamshell food packaging is the perfect to-go box for hot dog stands, pizza shops, delis, and much more.
  • Many different shapes and sizes to choose from to meet your food service needs; able to store all sized foods.
  • Corrugated boxes are a heavier-duty box design
  • Paperboard boxes are made from recycled/post-consumer materials
  • NEW Sugar Cane fiber boxes are fully compostable!
Corrugated Clamshells

Corrugated Clamshells

These heavy duty corrugated clamshell boxes are grease-resistant and insulate and preserve food temperature and appearance.

Paperboard Clamshells

Paperboard Clamshells

An economical and attractive take out box to best serve food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, and so much more!

Compostable Clamshells

Compostable Clamshells

Check out these Sugar Cane fiber, corrugated clamshell boxes! This new line provides durability and strength while saving the Earth, one box at a time!

EcoSource Clamshell Containers

EcoSource Clamshell Containers

Three sizes, with 3-compartment options available. Made with sugar cane tailings so it's 100% compostable and eco-friendly.

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