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Wet Wipes / Towels

We offer three types of the most luxurious wet towels on the market. The antiseptic and antibacterial formula contains minimal alcohol, so it won't dry out your customer's skin. Offer several different colors and scents to your customers. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, airlines, fitness centers, and spas.

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial formulas that clean hands while still being gentle on your skin
  • Various options to best suit your business's needs
  • Add a personal touch to this product by customizing the individual wet wipe packaging
Spa Wet Towels

Spa Wet Towels

Large heavyweight wet towels perfect for spas, inns, country clubs and boutique hotels. Towel scents available in Citrus for women and Everest for men.

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

Freshening Towels kill 99% of harmful germs and are the perfect addition to your takeout lunches, dinners and barbeques. Choose from two sizes of environmentally friendly Smartowel ™ "Lemon Paradise" scented wet towels.

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