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12 oz Squat Dart Classic Clear Plastic Cold Cup (1000/case)
Product Code: XFSDT12TP12S

Great for lemonade, punch, and parties.

12 oz Squat Dart Classic Clear Plastic Cold Cup
    Leak Resistant
    Made in USA
    Purchase 12 oz Squat Dart Classic Clear Plastic Cold Cup
    • Original Price / Case: $172.36
      Sale Price / Case: $160.87
      You save: $11.49 (6.67%)

      30 Cases Left

      For orders of 10 cases or more call us at 888-321-2248 *All Prices in USD ($)

      Orders +200 Lbs. get -20% discounted US Ground Shipping Option

    • Discounted Price Per Case

      $0.16 each @ 1 case
    • Specifications

      Product Code:


      Unit size:

      12 oz.

      Qty / Cs.:





      12 oz.

      Shipping Weight:

      29.60 pounds
    • One lid fits the 12 oz. Squat, 16 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz Dart Conex Classic Clear plastic cold cup sizes, reducing inventory and increasing operational efficiencies!
    • Dart Conex Classic cups are crystal clear, which lets you really show off your product
    • Classic plastic disposable cups also fit your car's cupholders
    • Increased visibility means increased opportunity for an impulse buy
    • Tight fitting lids due to rolled plastic rim
    • Made with crack-resistant yet flexible PET resin
    • See Related Products for lids
    • Custom Printing Available

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