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Clear Strawless Lids for Dart Cold Cups (1000/case)

The perfect solution for serving straw free cold drinks.

Clear Strawless Lids for Dart Cold Cups
    Made in USA
    Purchase Clear Strawless Lids for Dart Cold Cups
    • Wholesale Pricing
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      1 $77.30
      2-4 $75.15
      5+ $73.12

      Orders +200 Lbs. get -20% discounted US Ground Shipping Option

    • Discounted Price Per Case

      $0.08 each @ 1 case
      $0.08 each @ 2-4 cases
      $0.07 each @ 5+ cases
    • Specifications

      Product Code:


      Unit size:

      Fits 12 (squat) 16, 20, 24 oz. Dart Cold Cups

      Qty / Cs.:




      Shipping Weight:

      11.80 pounds
    • Unique design offers a versatile way to drink cold beverages with ice, and foamed beverages with ease.
    • One lid fits the 12 oz. squat, 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. Dart Conex Classic Clear plastic cold cup sizes, reducing inventory and increasing operational efficiencies!.
    • Does not fit regular 12 oz. Dart Conex Clear Plastic Cup (non-squat)
    • Angled reservoir contains spills on the lid and diverts liquids back into the cup.
    • Specially designed sip hole is an optimal size and shape allow foam to flow while holding ice cubes back to enhance drinking experience.
    • Recessed sip hole provides drinking comfort by eliminating sharp edges.
    • Elevated dome shape allows extra room for foam, toppings, or whipped cream. Ideal for gourmet beverages.
    • Secure-fit design reduces lid pop-off.
    • Sturdy PET recyclable plastic construction.

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