6 Macaron Clear Rectangular Insert (125/case)

Item #::  XFSPW210MACINS6

Show off 6 of your macaron cookies with style in these trendy macaron inserts.

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6 Macaron Clear Rectangular Insert
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    Code:  XFSPW210MACINS6
    size:  3.5 x 4.25 x 0.8"
    Qty / Case:  125/case
    Color / Style:  Clear
    Shipping Weight:  4.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $0.30 each @ 1 case
    $0.29 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.28 each @ 5+ cases
    • Macaron clear packaging holds 6 macarons (2 x 3)
    • 2 piece set can be used individually or snap together as a base/lid combo
    • Clear plastic allows for your delicious macarons to be clearly seen
    • Keep your macarons safe, secure, and snug during transport
    • 250 Individual pcs, 125 Base/Lid sets
    • Recyclable and leak resistant

    Ask a question or search questions and answers below.

    Q: How big is each macaron insert?

    A: Each macaron insert diameter is 1-3/4" and 15/16" wide!

    Q: What is packaging made out of? is it 100% compostable? Thanks, Jeff

    A: The macaron inserts that we feature on our website are made from an Eco-Friendly plastic- PET and are not compostable. PET is a recycled plastic made from fossil fuels like natural gas that we make bottles and other transparent products. PET continues to be recyclable, ensuring that the material is sustainable and leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

    Q: You precise 125 units/case, could you confirme me that 1 unit = 1 base + 1 lid = 0,32$ each unit (for 1 case) ? thank you

    A: Yes, you are correct in the fact that this item comes as 250 Individual pieces,125 Base/Lid sets. The one case price breaks it down to .32/unit. You can save more per unit by purchasing more cases with our 3-tier pricing system.

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