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Wholesale Strawless Cold Cup Lids

Strawless lids help to reduce the amount of disposable material generated by your takeout process. If you're looking to make your business or eco-friendly, use strawless lids - instead of a lid, plus a straw, plus a possible straw wrapper. The options we offer for wholesale strawless lids are either recyclable OR compostable.

Generally, plastic straws are made using a plastic that has a low recycle factor and isn't used by a lot of curbside recycling programs. Combine this with the fact that straws are the 8th most frequently identified ocean trash in clean ups - and you can see that it's an environmentally friendly move to reduce the use of standard plastic straws

Additional benefits include:

  • Easier inventory and storage, as you don't have to track and store multiple products
  • Made with a plant-based plastic, PLA
  • Same strong and durable performance as plastic cups with traditional lids
  • Bulk pricing discounts
  • Compatible as a replacement for cold cup lids of the same size