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Clear Plastic Clamshell Containers

While hinged plastic clamsell packaging seem to be all the same, there are important differences between products to keep in mind. Our clamshell containers are made with PET Plastic, which creates a 100% recyclable container, while PS [polystyrene] does not. PET plastic is a better, more pliable and earth-friendly choice for disposable clamshell containers and is a responsible package due to its low carbon footprint.

We also carry a line of tamper-resistant plastic containers. These clear clamshells or hinged containers feature a tear strip tab over the hinge that will resist opening and will also be evident if opened.

No matter what you need to hold, hold it securely with our high-quality plastic clamshell containers. We offer a more sustainable product than most on the market, at a better value than anything else on the market!

Check out our selection of clamshell containers, both in standard and tamper-resistant variants, and choose what's right for your business.