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Insulated Paper Ripple Soup Cups

  • Insulated soup bowls available in 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes - one size lid fits all, lids sold separately
  • Ripple-wrap disposable paper soup / hot food cups keep food warmer due to the extra deep ripples that provide an excellent insulating double wall. Great for ice cream too
  • Insulated soup containers are wrapped with real natural brown unbleached Kraft paper that promotes environmental awareness with its very warm and natural appearance
  • Double Wall Corrugated exterior wrap creates a very solid feel and unique appearance
  • Ripple Wrap-Wrap Hot Soup or Hot or Cold Food Cups provides you a clear way to differentiate your business. Most other Ripple Cups provide little or no actual insulating value
  • Create value to your presentation of hot soups, hot foods, side dishes or to serve ice cream
  • One size Lid fits all three size Ripple Wrap Soup Cups / Hot or Cold Food Containers
  • PE lining providing an excellent moisture barrier