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Stackable Handled Lunch Boxes

These disposable takeout boxes with handles are capable of being stacked, one on top of the other by folding the handle down. This is perfect for storage or for stacking in a catering lunch situation. All of these boxes are made with recyclable paper making them a sustainable and versatile option. Give your customers security and appeal with these wonderful take out, lunch boxes!
  • Ideal box for catering event, lunches, takeout items, parties and gifts.
  • This cardboard food packaging comes with easy to use handles that help to lock the top of the box for security and provide easy carrying.
  • Semi-automatic bottom for easy assembly.
  • Post consumer material, 100% recyclable.

Branded Handle Takeout Boxes

Brand these boxes with your logo, name, designs, colors or anything else you can think of. We specialize in helping customers create custom branded takeout boxes and bags. Either click the button below, or give us a call today to get started.

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