The perfect goodie bag for all of your tasty treats. Show off your candies, cookies, nuts and other treats with our simple "cello" style bags! These clear poly bags can even be heat sealed to keep products fresh. Bags are available in flat or gusset bottoms, ranging in size from candy "coffee spoons" up to 6 pounds. Best value for any food product needing protection. These cello cookie/candy bags are made from coated BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) which has excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties, plus it can be heat sealed.
  • Structured with Flat or Gusset bottoms to perfectly package your goodies.
  • "Cello Style" Crystal Clear Polypropylene allow the visual aspects of your products to stand out - like bright colors or shiny coatings.
  • Provides the best value for "small package" items.
  • Keep products fresh with heat-seal capabilities and an ASBX (Acrylic Saran) film coating that acts as a moisture and air barrier for longer shelf life.
  • Produced using BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) - which is lightweight, oil/grease resistant and puncture resistant.
Stand Up Cellophane Bags with Gusset Sides

Stand Up Cellophane Bags with Gusset Sides

Clear Cello Style Bags in 4 sizes w/ option of a pinch bottom or a hard bottom with paperboard insert. Bags stand up for pleasing display.


Flat "Cello" Poly Bags

These flat-styled "cello" food bags are made of FDA approved polypropylene and are safe for food contact. These bags can hold individual portions up to 2 pounds of goodies.

Gusseted Cello Food Bags

Gusseted Cello Food Bags

Our gusseted-styled "cello" food bags are the perfect treat bag made with FDA approved polypropylene for safe food contact.

Metallic Twist Ties

Metallic Twist Ties

Metallic Twist Ties available in gold, silver, blue, red, and green.

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