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Coffee Cup Lids

With the majority of our coffee cup lines, we provide four different options of lids for the primary sized cups. These options include a basic white, brown, or black lid and a fully compostable, green-friendly option. For our smaller sized cups including the 4 and 8 ounce cups a separate lid is available for the correct fit. No matter what coffee cup line you choose you'll be quite satisfied with its top quality lid!

Please note our 20 oz. Double Wall Planet+ cup only will work with one specific Compostable PLA lid PLC-20-LID-DW.
  • Available colors: brown, black, white, frosted clear
  • Smaller size coffee cups lids available for 4 and 8 oz. cups
  • Compostable Biodegradable PLA lids are a great green-friendly option!
  • Conventional Plastic Disposable Coffee Lids are an economical choice
  • Some lids are made specific for a particular cup size and brand so please be careful to choose the right lid for your Paper Coffee Cups
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