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Until recently, there wasn't really much you could do to keep your drink orders safe and secure. It used to be that fountain drinks and ice coffees were just plopped into a drink carrier and whisked away by a delivery driver (who hopefully wasn't feeling too thirsty). It was a dark time when drink orders could very easily be sampled or tampered with. Thankfully, the right packaging was created to help deter parched drivers from taking a sip of your smoothie: The Seal 2 Go beverage bags. These handy tamper evident bags are designed with the end user in mind. Not only are they ideal for fountain drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies, but they're also great for frozen yogurt, hoagies, subs, and soup containers.

Safe and Secure

Whether you're using these for drinks, meals, or a drink and sandwich combo, you'll know that whatever you sell will arrive to your customer without experiencing the delivery driver taste test along the way. The beverage bags work exactly like our Seal 2 Go takeout bags. Simply fill the bag with the desired items, pull away the adhesive covering, and seal the two sides of the bag together. Once completed, the only way to access the contents is to tear or damage the bag.

Heavy Duty Clear Poly Bag to view products

We love when clear poly is used to create takeout bags. Why? Because it shows you, the driver, and the customer exactly what is inside. This is important because it helps to reduce an order mix-up, which just causes headaches for everyone involved. As a bonus, if you utilize custom branded cups or sandwich wraps, they'll be visible through the clear plastic. Then you can see your marketing dollars hard at work.

Easy to load

Worried about spilling a drink when trying to load it into a bag? With these bags, there's no need to be concerned. They are designed to be easy-loading and foolproof so as not to spill and not to slow you down. Filling orders will be a cinch - and it won't' get messy!

Available for single and double drink orders

One of the best things about these bags is that they come as either single drink or two-drink bags. This reduces waste by using only what you need when it's a single order, yet not having to use a new separate bag when it's a double order. Each is designed so that the contents remain balanced in the bag when picked up.

Seal 2 Go - Tamper Evident Plastic Single Drink Carrier


Seal 2 Go - Tamper Evident Plastic Single Drink Carrier

Size: 7 x 15 in. + 2-1/2 in. bottom gusset

Price each: $0.13

Qty / case: 500

As Low As: $58.17 /cs.

Seal 2 Go - Tamper Evident Plastic Two Drink Carrier


Seal 2 Go - Tamper Evident Plastic Two Drink Carrier

Size: 14 x 15 in. + 2-1/2 in. bottom gusset

Price each: $0.26

Qty / case: 250

As Low As: $58.17 /cs.

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