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Custom Packaging

MrTakeOutBags Custom Food Service Packaging Services & Options

~Is YOUR packaging portraying YOUR business in the best possible light… or is it holding you back?~
Discover the overwhelming benefits of custom boxes and custom printed bags.


  • PROFESSIONAL IMAGE - Let's face it, a book IS judged by its cover, and plain packaging does not impress or add value to the buyer. A heightened image can be subliminally or overtly perceived from customizing your packaging.
  • BRANDING - Putting your logo or "BRAND" identification in front of your buyers and prospects builds your business by increasing the recognition and awareness of your business.
  • ADVERTISING - Many bags or boxes are carried and seen by others, helping to convey the name recognition and build awareness. Numbers of impressions (subliminal or overt) starts with the original purchase and continues until the package is thrown away.
  • INCREASED BUSINESS - Features such as take out meals, private rooms, free delivery of take out orders, hours of operation, other locations, or catering availability can be featured in the layout of the printed bags or boxes to help raise customers awareness of those benefits of your food service business.
  • PERCEIVED VALUE - People make decisions on which business to patronize based on their perceptions, experiences or word of mouth, and packaging is certainly an element of everyone's perceptions.

For expert assistance on all of your custom packaging needs please call us toll-free at 888-321-2248 or click on a product category for more custom options.