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SOS Bags

Self-opening sacks are a great choice when you need an inexpensive flat bottom paper bag. SOS bags are a type of flat-bottom paper bag that are self-opening and easy to use. They are often used by takeout restaurants and culinary businesses as they proivde a convenient way to package food.

SOS bags are made from high-quality, durable paper that can come in grease-resistant varieties. The flat bottom design makes them stable and easy to stack, while the self-opening feature allows for quick and easy access to the contents.

SOS bags are an ideal choice for takeout restaurants and culinary businesses as they offer a convenient, safe, and reliable way to package food.

The number of pounds reflected are a dry measure of flour used long ago. Some of the features of our SOS bags include:
  • Choice of 100% Recycled brown, white, or colored paper bags
  • Square corner flat bottom
  • Can be printed with your logo on the front of all sides
  • SOS = Self-Opening Sack
  • Choice of regular SOS paper lunch sacks or grease-resistant SOS flat-bottom lunch bags

Small Paper Snack Bags

Small, SOS style snack bags - ideal for sides, nuggets, or sandwiches. Generally used for single servings and fried foods.

Brown Paper Lunch Bags / Kraft SOS Bags

Choose from 100% Recycled regular brown Kraft or grease resistant brown paper lunch bags. Simple choose the recycled paper bag size you want to get started!

SOS Bags - White

Durable, with square bottoms that let bags stand up on their own. Covers a multitude of uses, spanning the gap between big paper takeout bags and small merchandise bags.

Colored SOS Bags

With multiple colors and sizes to choose from, you can't go wrong with our colored paper SOS bags!

Grease Resistant Recycled Brown Paper Bags

We offer three sizes of grease resistant brown paper bags!

Grease Resistant SOS Bags - White

Our grease-resistant white SOS bags are available in three different sizes!